About Tadoba Wildlife Library

Dear Friends,

"Tadoba Wildlife Library" is an ambitious project to ensure the consistent flow of knowledge and awareness among School going children (the next generation around TATR), Guides, Local Drivers, wildlife staff of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) and Visitors of TATR.

The project is designed by Shalik Jogwe, a wildlife enthusiast/Photographer and a teacher by profession, working in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve since last 4 years with the theme "Conservation through Tourism" aiming:

1) To reduce the pressure of Local people in and around TATR by creating ample opportunity of livelihood earning by promoting "Responsible Wildlife Tourism"

2) To attach Wildlife with the living of Locals in and around TATR to engage them in the process of conservation and protection with full dedication. 

3) To help "Tadoba-Wildlife" get respectful position in the world of Wildlife across the globe, which was once neglected despite of enormous potential.

4) To document, Conserve and Protect Tadoba-Wildlife using wildlife ecotourism as a tool.

5) To setup new service standards at Tadoba Tourism to help the local public, guide, drivers learn directly in the field.

Now Tadoba is a very-well known and popular destination across the world due to its serenity, rich flora and fauna, but in future, there may be a increasing threat to the cause of conservation and protection activities in and around TATR habitat if precautionary measures won't be taken right from now.

Considering all these issues, I feel the need of continuous and carefully planned efforts of naure education and awareness, in and around any wildlife habitat, for Wildlife Guides, Forest Protection Staff, Drivers, Local People, Tourists and most important - the school going children's (the next generation) is essential as these are the people who can really either help or can protect and conserve the wildlife habitat and wildlife there in directly once they realize the need of the time and their responsibilities.

"Tadoba Wildlife Library" will try its best to ensure the continuos flow of knowledge among all mentioned above. It will also undertake various activities in future once it will be properly settled on continuous basis to achieve the above mentioned packages.

To begin with, the project will be started from the village Mohurli which is the major center of Conservation, Protection and Tourism acitivities throughout Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. Almost 80% of Tourists who visits the park, uses Mohurli gate only to experience the magnificence of Tadoba Wildlife.

In this noble task, everyone's active and dedicated support is necessary to make this project from an individuals move to a public movement. Hope you will help do it as early as possible.

If you have any doubt, querry, suggestion or wish to know more, feel free to call or mail me at the numbers given below.

Shalik Jogwe

+91 9420303020
+91 9595936369